Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dad's death on June 3, 2007

The last I posted about my dear Dad may be found on my old site,

Thomas J. aka T.J. was called by God to depart from his body on Holy Trinity Sunday at 12:24 am. June 3rd was special not just because he died this early morning-he was also celebrating his Baptism Day! How cool is that? He died on the anniversary of the day he began his sacramental life in Christ, in order to begin his eternal life in Christ. Dad was surrounded by all his considerable family: wife, nine children, their spouses and be exact, thirty-six. We prayed the Holy Rosary, the Chaplet of Mercy, we sang hymns and prayed the Pieta Prayers for the dying. I suppose that death is always ugly, but this death was holy! For days we kept up the "death watch" and I am assured of Jesus' Mercy towards my Dad, who didn't want to be canonized by us, but rather would prefer the prayers for his soul!

As a child who just lost her father, I feel very sad. He lived with me and my family. I loved him very much, I looked up to him, I respected him and I enjoyed his company and all our in-depth discussions on the state of the world and the end-times happenings.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I am going to pray exceeding hard for my Dad on this day as I have since he became ill. Since yesterday was the Feast of the Sacred Heart, I asked Jesus to allow my father special consolations, if he is in purgatory. Daily Mass is a boon to us and to those suffering in Purgatory...I might even come out holy from all this extra devotion to prayer!

My children will miss Grandpa, especially, as he was a daily part of their lives. He was never able to play with them vigorously as he was always overweight but as they grew he talked about a lot of things with them. They will remember him unlike some of his youger infant grandkids, who will miss out on knowing what a great, gentle man he was.


I love you and I miss your presence here. I hope God will give you a break on the temporal punishment and let you in Heaven earlier than He planned. I hope God will take into consideration all the needs we have here and allow you to be able to interceed on our behalf. Thank you for standing behind my decision to homeschool and encouraging us! Thanks for the times when I disappointed you and you never let on. Thank you for making me feel special, like I was your favorite. Thank you for not sharing your fear and pain about dying-I wouldn't have been able to bear seeing you suffer. Thank you for being my Dad. I hope to see you again in eternity in Heaven someday.

Your daughter

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Guiliani & Holy Communion

Rudy Giuliani has a big problem! He truly believes that the Pope has "no say" on what he chooses to do in reference to taking Holy Communion, despite the fact he has excommunicated himself with his noxious abortion-loving behavior. Rudy says that the Pope is irrelevant to his private decisions which he claims, "are between my God, myself and any spiritual director."

If Rudy has a spiritual director, it must be a non-Catholic! Perhaps he is being spiritually directed by some sort of channeled "spirit" coming through a guru at a carnival. Obviously, this "spiritual director" has told Rudy that "killing babies is cool and supported the baby-killing movement will get you elected."

Meanwhile, Satan is preparing the place Rudy will have in Hell, if he is unable to repent before his time is up. I hope Rudy G. is able to live to a ripe old age & really have time to think about his activities in supporting the slaughter, commerce and trafficking of unborn babies and their body parts.

How in the world can these politician Katholicks think that they can call themselves Catholic but not believe in anything the Church teaches. Hey, guys! Why don't you just start your own religion reflecting your beliefs.

Oh. Uuuum, my bad! Sorry. I just realized my silly mistake: There is already a religion that preaches everything these politicians believe: Secular Humanism. Here's the Creed:

I am the God Almighty, creator of my own existence. I believe in One Lord:me, myself and I. I believe in my rights to do as I please without regard to the pain I cause others around me. I believe in catering to every whim, be it sensible or not. I believe in indulging every appetite even if it means debasing myself or others. Others exist to benefit me, assist me and serve me. If Others do not do so, they are expendable. I believe in my right to lie, cheat, steal and kill, if it helps my cause. I believe there are no consequences to my behavior and if it appears that there are, I will blame Others. I demand respect yet give Others none. I demand all that is my right. Others have no rights than the ones I decide to grant, if it behooves me and my agendas. Sin is a creation of others and has nothing to do with me. I believe all behavior, activities and undertakings of mine are fine because it feels like it is. I will do as I please and I will not succumb to death unless I feel like it, in which case I will commit suicide, which is fine. There is only Heaven waiting for me, because I said so. Amen.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

2 for 1 abortion-Mr. & Mrs.Dan Neil

In the LA Times, I read about Mr. & Mrs. Dan Neil's 2 for 1 abortion. What a deal for them. Go in with "four thriving fetuses" and come out with two. I'm actually surprised that I haven't been numb by now to these stories of coawardice and selfishness. Nope, the stories still sicken me.
The couple wanted children badly, Dan Neil claims. They obviously decided that having children was their right so they went the route of un-natural means to concieve. Perhaps, God knew they would kill their children and this was why they couldn't get pregnant the natural way?Nonetheless, that is pure conjecture on my part. What is important are the lives of the two Neil boys, who were unlucky enough to be "chosen" for "reduction", a convenient euphemism for being put to death. What could be worse than being killed by one's own parents? I recognize Mrs. Neil's lamentation over killer stretch-marks, and a high-risk pregnancy. But, when one puts oneself in danger by having multiple IVF "fetuses" aka "babies" put into ones uterus...well, one must take the consequences into consideration. Oh, forgive me, the Neil's certainly did take that into consideration: Dan Neil admits to being informed about the risks, but reduction of their fetuses didn't bother them. How can these people be so glib, so selfish and so proud of their decision to kill two of their children because they were boys? Mr. Neil admitted that there was nothing wrong with them. He just wanted to name a child after his mother, so they needed the girl "fetuses". I wonder how long it will be before the girl fetuses become aware that they are siblings to boy fetuses? Will the Neils' tell them? Or will the Neils' clam up because they can't explain to their "girl fetuses" that they chose to kill their brothers?

I pray that the girls will live and grow up to be healthy and loved. My fear is that something will go wrong and another "reduction" will happen. What if one of the girls shows signs of having dark hair and the Neils' like blond-haired babies?

This culture of death is practically unbelieveable. Hundreds of years from now, people will look back on these times and wonder how we got so depraved as to kill our own children. This Neil story is indicative of the type of selfishness that fuels the evil in the world today.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Archbishop Burke

As a REAL Catholic, I commend Archbishop Raymond Burke, of the Diocese of St. Louis. It takes of lot of guts to be a real Catholic. One must not care about the uninformed opinions of heretics, Hollywooders, left-wing nutcracker media, nay-sayers and the elitist agnostic/atheists camp, or for that matter, the Wiccan/New Agey folks, either. All REAL Catholics need to do, is focus on the ONE that matters: Almighty God. What does He think of me? Do I stand up for what is holy, even when I know the "Others" will persecute me?

Obviously, the rocker, Cheryl Crow, is screwed up. She supports the killing of unborn babies. One cannot be FOR something like that and be normal. Cheryl thinks the farming of human beings as a cash crop is okay & good. NOT NORMAL. Poor deluded Cheryl is no different than the rest of the Famous Ones, who have done bad things in their lives and need company in their misery. "Climb aboard. If we all do, then no one will be left to accuse us. So, the plan is to get everyone involved in sin-then it won't be sin anymore, right?"
Sorry, Cher. NOT RIGHT.

Here's where REAL Catholics come in: Archbishop Burke says, "NOT RIGHT!!!" He refuses to be a party to a fundraiser that will highlight a public sinner. He is responsible for the souls of the hundred-thousands in his diocese. He can't say, "Yeah, she supports killing, but we'll use her to make money." That is what would be referred to as SCANDAL, which is leading others away from the Truth. See, if he had used Cheryl, people would be scandalized. "Oh, her money IS good enough. Oh, we can do evil for a good to result. Oh, then, farming & killing those babies so other born people can live IS a good idea."

Archbishop Burke is an intelligent and holy Bishop. St. Louis doesn't know how blessed they are and how lucky they are to have him taking care of their souls.